An online toolbox for a MATHmazing school year

SOL Prep

Be sure you are preparing each day for you SOL test at home and in school. Use all the tools I’ve given you. From your bellringers, to the VDOE website, Review Notes books, KFMS 6th Grade Math Website, etc. Don’t just look at the stuff! It’s Math, you must practice over and over. You can do it!

Check out the new Cirlce Graph Powerpoint

New circle graph powerpoint posted in “Tools”

New links on Blogroll

On the blogroll there are links to very valuable resources on the VDOE website. Please use them…parents and students!!! I’ve titled them VDOE SOL Prep

New and upcoming updates & posts

Be sure to be on the lookout for lots of good info. I’ll be posting links to valuable resources to prepare for the state SOL test and other assessments we will be having. Remember, your SOL 6.15 quiz is on Friday and your 9 weeks test (2 days) begins on Tuesday. Don’t lose focus with Spring Break on the horizon. There are new notes and links being posted today on the Tools page and in the Blogroll. Use them!!!!

New Stuff of SOL 6.13 in Tools

Check it out!

3rd 9 weeks Midpoint

Your 3rd 9 weeks mipoint is on 3/26- Tuesday. There are new Tools to help you practice.

New Resources

There is new stuff in the Tools page. Don’t forget your 6.18 quiz tomorrow.

Waterbugs and Dragonflys Project

This is a wonderful way to help the children in the community of Newtown, Conn. and surrounding areas. You can purchase a coloring book that helps young children understand death for just $1 and it will be sent directly to the affected communities. Students may bring the $1 donation to class or you may use the link in the Blogroll to donate online.

Winter Break Assignment

Here is your writing/math assignment for Winter Break. You are to spend 1 hour outside doing a physical activity with someone…anyone….parent, friend, neighbor, cousin, dog, etc. Somehow try to incorporate math into this activity. Perhaps you could go for a walk and find ratios. Or, find the rate at which you walked… 2 miles per hour. Or, could have a competition measuring who can run fastest, fartherest, etc. After you complete the activity write about it. You are to turn in a few paragraphs written about the activity and incorporating the math. You are to also include either a drawing or picture of the activity. You may get very creative with this so…have fun and get outside with others! It’s good for you!

Check out the Tools Page!