October 22

This week, we will learn about community helpers such as firefighters, police officers, teachers, doctors and nurses. We will read stories about how people in a community help each other. We are also learning the letter P. We will practice naming the letter, saying the letter sound, and make a list of things that begin with the letter P.

Pajama Day:
We will have a pajama day this Thursday to celebrate the letter P. Everyone can wear pajamas. Please no slippers or nightgowns. We are looking forward to this fun day!

Book Fair
Our school is having a Book Fair this week. We went to the Book Fair on Friday and made a wish list. If you would like to purchase any books, please send the money in a bag or envelope. We will take students each day to purchase books. If you write a check, please make it out to Nansemond Parkway Elementary.

Home Activities:
1. Pp card – fold a piece of drawing paper in half. Write Pp on the front of the card. Name the letters and have you child repeat their names. Look for picture of things that start with Pp in magazines or newspapers. Cut out the pictures and help your child to glue them to the inside of the card.
2. Practice cutting – have your child practice cutting out simple shapes or pictures. Practice is the key to learning how to cut.

October 15

This week we will learn about neighbors and neighborhoods. We will read stories about what it means to be a good neighbor. We will begin learning a letter of the alphabet each week. This week’s letter is Ss. We will be making spider hats and scarecrows. Your child will also make an S book that you can read with your child at home. Please continue to have your child practice the letters in his or her name. We are also practicing counting to 20 in class.

Home Activities:
1. Ss Hunt – Page through newspaper or magazine headlines with your child looking for capital S and lowercase s. Circle the letters that you find. Look at the materials again and ask you child to point to each circled letter and say its name. Look for pictures or objects that begin with S.
2. Sort objects – Have your child sort objects in your home by size, shape, or color. Then have her/him count how many objects are in each set.
3. When reading books to your child, have him/her predict what might happen next, tell what happened first, next and last, and answer simple questions about the book.
4. Practice writing the letter S.

Suffolk Reader Bags:
We will be sending home the blue “Suffolk Reader” bags this week. This bag will be filled with 5 books for you to read with your child at home. It is a good idea to keep all of the books right in the bag so they don’t get lost. Please keep the books at home until next Tuesday so they don’t make your child’s book bag too heavy.

October 8

This week we will begin a new unit called, “My Family, My Community”. We will learn about families and all the members of a family. We will read about what families do together. We are going to draw our families and tell about them. We are working on recognizing the letters in our name as well as other letters of the alphabet. Please help your child practice cutting at home. This is a difficult skill to master and takes lots of practice. We will practice at school as well.

We put a nametag on each book bag today. We kept the other nametags at school. Please check the information on the tag. If any changes need to be made, please let me know.

Home Activities:
1. Letter Hunt: Look at book titles and newspaper or magazine headlines with your child to find letters of the alphabet. Start with the letter A and continue with the rest of the letters in ABC order. Encourage your child to name each letter as he/she finds it.
2. Morning Routines: Children will listen to a story about what each person in a family does in the morning. Ask you child to tell you about the things he/she does each morning. Prompt him/her to use the words first, next, and last.
3. Read at least one book each day. I would also encourage you to take your child to the library.

**NPES  Title One Night Tomorrow night 6:30-7:30.  **

October 1

This week, we will learn about our school. Using the topic, “Our Happy Classroom,” we will read stories about the many things we see and do at school. We will read a book called The Great Shape Hunt. We are still reviewing basic shapes and the letters in each child’s name. Continue to work on cutting skills at home. Please make sure you label your child’s coat. Sometimes there is two of the same type jacket and we are not sure which jacket belongs to which child.

Home Activities:

Name the Letters
Write the alphabet on a long strip of paper. Chant or sing the alphabet song as you point to each letter. Write the letters in your child’s first name on index cards. Help your child identify each letter and match it to the appropriate letter on the alphabet strip.

Shape Hunt
Cut a rectangle, a circle, a square, and a triangle out of construction paper. Have your child trace and name each shape. Take a walk around your neighborhood and look for these shapes on signs, houses, trees, or flowers.

September 24

Last week, we reviewed the four basic shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, and square). We traced each shape, made pictures with them, and used shapes to create a face after reading the book, Making Faces with Shapes. Please review shapes with your child as well as naming colors and counting to 20. Use everyday things to teach and review concepts. For example: What color is that car? How long will it take you to put away your shoes? (Count to see) Play I Spy using shapes and colors (I spy something that is a red square).
This week we will be focusing more on letters. We will decorate our names with shapes, pom poms, and other fun things. We are working on identifying our first names. We will be reading apple books and doing apple crafts. Today we tasted apples to see if we liked green, yellow, or red apples best.

Different Way Home

If your child will be going home a different way, please write a note in his/her binder so that we can him/her to the correct place. Thanks 

Fundraising Packets
Virginia Diner Fundraising packets are coming home today. All of the money raised will be used for our school and for our students. Please note the deadlines which are included in the packet. If you have any questions, please let me know.

• If there is anything you need for me to know, feel free to write a note in your child’s binder or you can send me an email at annamcleod@spsk12.net. I check my email first thing in the morning, during nap time (around 1:45) and at the end of the day (after dismissal).
• Please check your child’s folders daily. Any papers in their folders can be kept at home.
• Please have your child wear a nametag each day. We will be putting a nametag on each book bag soon. This is to keep everyone safe.

September 18

This week we will focus on shapes. We will trace shapes and make pictures with them. You can ask your child to find things that are squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and ovals at home. Have them tell the characteristics of the shapes as well (# of sides, round, etc.) and how they are different (a rectangle has two long sides and two short sides, a square has sides all the same length). We are also working on recognizing the first letter in our names.

*If your daughter wears a dress or skirt to school, please have her wear shorts under the dress or skirt.
*Socks and shoes are best for playing on the playground.
*Please return binders and bus tags each day.
*Please label all things that your child brings to school.
*Have your child practice cutting at home. Let him/her cut out pictures from old magazines or cut out shapes that you draw on paper. Practice the correct way to hold scissors.
*Have your child practice writing his/her name.

September 10

A super week!
We had a great first week of school. We made new friends, learned about our classroom, played outside, read many books, and sang songs. Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us.

Inside the binder, you will find a monthly calendar. Each day, we will put a sticker on the day if your child followed the rules at school. We have talked about our classroom rules and consequences many times throughout the week. We will continue to emphasize the rules of the classroom so that the children know and understand them. If your child does not earn a sticker, I will write a short note to let you know what happened. Please feel free to write in the binder if you need to let me know something about your child.

Name Tags
Please make sure that your child has his/her name tag each day. If there is any change in the way that your child will go home, please write a note in their binder. We will be putting a nametag on your child’s book bag soon.

Change of Clothes
If you have not sent in a change of clothes for your child to keep at school, please send them in this week. Thanks 