Last week, we reviewed the four basic shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, and square).   We traced each shape, made pictures with them, and used shapes to create a face after reading the book, Making Faces with Shapes.  Please review shapes with your child as well as naming colors and counting to 20. Use everyday things to teach and review concepts.  For example:  What color is that car?  How long will it take you to put away your shoes? (count to see)  Play I Spy using shapes and colors (I spy something that is a red square). 

            This week we will be focusing more on letters.  We will decorate our names with shapes, pom poms, and other fun things.  We are working on identifying our first names.  Also we will introduce the positional words in front of, behind, and in the middle.  You can practice these at home using any objects.  Have your child tell what is in the middle, in front, or behind.  We learned about Johnny Appleseed and made apple prints today.  We will discuss friendship and practice cutting skills by cutting out pictures from magazines that show friends.

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