January 27

This week we will look at how things move.  We will test to see which surface ice will slide on faster (the floor, carpet, bubble wrap, a table, or rubber mats).  We will also play a game called the ice dice game. We will also count mini marshmallows to put on our hot chocolate craft and taste hot chocolate too.   Our new letter this week is letter B.  Please review this letter as well as the letters and letter sounds that we have learned this year (S, T, P, O, Y, W, U, X, F, A, Z).

Home Activities:

*Bb Poster – Gather Bbs from newspaper or magazine headlines.  Help your child make a Bb poster.  You can decorate the poster by adding pictures, photographs, or drawings of things whose names start with Bb.

*Learning the ABCs – Your child will listen to the alphabet book Alphabet Under Construction this week,  Page through other alphabet books together, paying special attention to the ABC order.  Encourage your child to predict what letter you will read about next in the book. 

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