January 21

The letter of the week is letter Zz. We will be making a zoo craft and reading a zoo book.   Please continue to review all the letters and letter sounds that we have learned so far this year.  Daily review makes a big difference.  We are also practicing sorting objects.  We sort shapes by size, color, and shape.  Have your child practice sorting things at home and tell how he/she sorted the objects. 

            Suffolk Reader Program – We hope that you are enjoying the books that are sent home each Wednesday.  Please return the books each Tuesday.  We will give you new books each Wednesday.  You can have your child picture read the books, find letters, or tell you what is happening in the story. 

Home Activities:

*Zz Collage – write Zz at the top of a large piece of paper.  Help your child find Zz and pictures of objects whose names begin with Zz in magazines or catalogs.  Glue them onto the paper.  You can also draw your own pictures of Zz objects.  If you do a collage, please send it in to share with the class.

*Play letter and letter sound games to review letters.

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