Mrs. McLeod’s Class

We will be reading some fun books and doing art projects to go with the books this week. We will also be doing some end of the year testing. Please continue to review all we have learned this year to be ready for kindergarten in September.

Kindergarten Sight Words:
Your child will be learning sight words in kindergarten next year. These are words that students should know by sight. Our school divides them up into different words for each month. The words for September are: A, I, it, in, is, he, me, we, she, see. You can make flash cards for these words and begin to have your child learn these words over the summer.

Early Start Celebration
We are working hard on our songs for our Early Start Celebration on June 14th at 10:00. Children can dress in their “Sunday Best” for the program. Girls can wear dresses and boys a collared shirt. (If your daughter is wearing a dress, please have her wear shorts under it.) After the program, we will remain in the gym for refreshments. If you are able to send in juice boxes or bottled water to go along with the cake that we ordered, please let me know.

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