Mes. McLeod’s Class

This week, we will begin a new theme called, “Ready for Kindergarten!” We will celebrate what we know about letters and words. Using the topic “Now I Know My ABCs,” we will read alphabet books. The new letter of the week is Letter L, “Larry Lion”. We only have two more letters to learn so please continue to review all letters and letter sounds at home.

Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten registration is May 8th from 8:00-5:00 at your child’s home school. You have to register your child for kindergarten. He/she is not automatically registered because he/she is in the Early Start program.

Field Trip
We are going on a field trip on Wednesday, May 15. We will be going to Kids Fest at the park behind Kroger on Main Street. We will be sending home a permission slip tomorrow for you to fill out.

Home Activities
*Ll Hunt – look around your home for objects whose names begin with Ll. Write the names of the objects on index cards. Post the labels near each object.
*Go on a word hunt around your home. Ask your child to name the letters in the word. You can also ask your child to make the sound of the first letter of the word that you find.
*Look for patterns around your house and name them with your child. For example, say, “The wallpaper is green, white, green, white.” Look for more patterns in photographs and illustrations in book you read together.

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