Mrs. McLeod’s Class

We are beginning a new theme this week called “Growing and Changing.” Using the topic “I’m Growing Everyday,” we will read stories about growing up. Please send a baby picture of your child this week to put on a bulletin board in our classroom. I think the children will enjoy seeing their classmates as babies. The letter of the week is Gg. Please continue to review all of the letters and letter sounds with your child.

Home Activities:
*Gg poster – cut Ggs from newspaper or magazine headlines with your child. Make a Gg poster. You can decorate the poster by adding pictures or photographs of things whose names start with Gg.
*Change and grow – your child will listen to a book titled Growing Like Me this week. Ask her/him to tell about how frogs, ducks, and oak trees grow and change. Share other books about animals and things that grow and change.
*Continue to work with your child on personal information (full name, age, birthday, address, phone number, and parent name). Your child should know this information before going to kindergarten.

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