Mrs. McLeod’s Class

This is our last week in the theme, “Let’s Move!” This week, we will read stories about following directions and solving problems. We will read a book called Do like Duck Does in class. The letter of the week is letter Ii. Please continue to work on all the letters and letter sounds with your child.

Home Activities:
*Ii Poster – Look for Ii in newspaper and magazine headlines with your child. Cut out the letters and glue them to a large piece of paper. Encourage you child to circle capital I with a red crayon and lowercase I with a green crayon.
*Keep practicing personal information (address, phone #, birthday, etc.)
*Practice rote counting and counting objects.
*Practice sorting things into categories. (In class, we sort by size, shape, and color)
*Have your child practice writing his/her name. (First and last name with a capital at the beginning and lowercase letters in the rest of the name)

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