Mrs. McLeod’s Class

This week we will learn more about movement. We will read stories about playing games that involve movement like We’re Going on a Lion Hunt. We are also learning Letter H this week. Please continue to review all of the letters and letter sounds that we have learned this year.

Field Trip
We are beginning to plan our Spring Field Trip to Kids Zone park (Downtown Suffolk behind the new Kroger) which will take place on Wednesday, May 15, 2019! The Early Childhood Development Commission hosts a Kids Fest that day with lots of game stations and fun.
If you would like to be a chaperone, please email us back as soon as possible. We are limiting the chaperones to 4 parents per class. Chaperones will be required to ride the bus to and from the park with us, and will be assigned 2 to 4 students to oversee throughout the fieldtrip (your child and a few others.) Chaperones must fill out the Volunteer Connect online this week. The link is:

Home Activities:
*Hh Hunt – look at magazine and newspaper headlines with your child. Search for words that begin with capital H and lowercase h. Circle the letters. Count the number of letters you find. Look for pictures that begin with the letter H.
*Have your child practice writing his/her name. If he/she has already mastered his/her first name, work on your last name. Make sure to have a capital letter for the first letter and lowercase letters for the rest of the name.
*Work on recognizing numbers 0-10 with your child. Practice writing numbers once your child can recognize them.
*Practice your child’s personal information.

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