Mrs. McLeod’s Class

This week is our last week in the theme, “In the City, In the Country”. We will learn more about buying and selling things. We will talk about the different things people buy and sell. We will also compare the city and the country. The letter this week is letter Vv. Please continue to review all the letters and letter sounds that we have studied this year.
Please make sure you send back a change of clothes for your child if your child has used his/her clothes. This way, we always have something for them to wear in case they need it.

Kindergarten Registration:
Kindergarten registration is Wednesday, March 13th from 8:00 – 5:00. You must register your child for kindergarten even though he/she is in the Early Start program this year. You should go to your child’s home school to register. If you cannot register this Wednesday, there will be another registration day in May. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Home Activities:
*Vv Van – draw the outline of a van on a piece of paper. Help you child find Vv in magazines and newspaper headlines. Circle the letters and cut them out. Help your child paste the letters on the van. You can also find pictures of things beginning with the letter V to glue on the van.
*Reading together – children will listen to a story titled “The Apple Dumpling” on Wednesday. Ask your child to name things the old woman in the story trades to get apples to make the dumpling. Read other stories about buying and selling things with your child.

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