Happy New Year!

What we are learning:
This week we will start our fifth theme called “Animals Everywhere”. We will learn about pets. We will read stories about pets and the experiences that pet owners have had with them. We will be making animal masks and matching pictures of mother and baby animals. Letter Ff is our new letter this week. Please continue to review all letters learned so far (S,T ,P, O, X, Y,U,W).

Home Activities:
*Ff animal poster: draw a picture of a fish on a large piece of drawing paper. Tell you child that the word fish begins with the letter Ff. Children can decorate the poster by adding pictures of animals whose names begin with Ff. such as a frog or a fox.
*Read books about pets: we will listen to the story of “The Greedy Cat” this week. Ask you child to talk about how he/she feels about the cat that always wanted more. Read other books about pets with your hold. Discuss what the pets in the stories are like.

Dates to Remember:
Monday, January 21 – Martin Luther King Holiday – no school
January 24-29 Early Dismissal

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