Mrs. McLeod’s News

This is the last week for our unit, “The Four Seasons”. This week, we will be reading about how the weather changes throughout the year. The letter we are studying is letter Ww. Continue to review the other letters that we have learned this year (S, T, P, O, X, Y).
We will be sending home the blue reader bags this week but will not be sending them home next week because of the Christmas break.
We made many crafts in the last couple of weeks that we will be sending home next week. We hope that you enjoy them!

Home Activities:
*Ww Collage: write Ww at the top of a large piece of paper. Help your child find pictures of objects whose names begin with Ww in newspapers, magazines, or catalogs. Make a collage with the pictures. You can also draw your own pictures.
*Seasonal Books: Read other books about the seasons with your child. Talk about how the weather changes in each season.

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