October 29

This week we will learn about the five senses (hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell). Using the topic “Using My Senses,” we will read stories about how people use their senses. Our new letter this week is the letter Tt. We will be reviewing the other letters learned so far (Ss and Pp). We will also be working on simple patterns.

Teddy Bear Day – Friday is Teddy Bear Day. Have your child bring a teddy bear to school.

Home Activities:
*Tt Poster – Go on a Tt hunt around your house. Find objects whose names begin with Tt. Write and place labels on these objects or make a list that you can read later.
*Guessing Game – Play a senses guessing game with your child. For example, say “I hear a loud ringing sound.” Encourage your child to guess what you are describing. Take turns saying clues that begin I hear ____, I see ____, I taste ____, I feel ______, and I smell _______.

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