February 12

This week we will continue with the theme “Construction Zone”. We will learn about solving problems. We will read stories about building things and working together to solve problems. The letter of the week is letter Mm. We will use comparison words like long, longer, longest to compare things in our classroom. We are still working on sorting and grouping objects in class. Please continue to review the letters and letter sounds that we have learned so far. It is important for your child to know all the letters and letter sounds when he/she goes to kindergarten next year.

Home Activities:
*Mm Hunt – Look for Mms in newspaper and magazine headlines. Underline the Mms you find and count them together. Encourage your child to trace the letters so he/ she can familiarize herself/himself with their shape. Find pictures of things that begin with the letter Mm, have your child cut them out, and glue them on a paper.
*Compare objects at home. Have your child tell which one is longer, shorter, bigger, etc. Have him/her sort objects into categories (same color, size, shape).
*Please practice your child’s personal information with him/her. This is important information for your child to learn.

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