November 27

We started a new unit, The Four Seasons, today. We will be reading books about the weather and talking about the seasons. The new letter this week is Letter Uu. Please review the letter and letter sound at home with your child. Remember to review the other letters we have learned as well (S, T, P, O, X). Your child should be able to recognize the letter and tell the sound of the letters that we have learned so far in class.

The NPES student council is sponsoring a Salvation Army Food Drive Nov. 20th through Friday, December 1st. Students who donate will be entered into a drawing for a small thank you prize. Thank you for your support!

At Home Activities:
*Uu umbrella: cut out capital and lowercase Us from newspaper and magazine headlines with your child. Draw an umbrella on a large piece of paper. Help your child glue the letters on the umbrella. Tell him/her that the words umbrella begins with u.
*Share books about the weather with your child. Ask about things that you could do in different kinds of weather (snowy: build a snowman, sunny: go to the beach, etc.) Discuss the weather for each day and the appropriate clothing that should be worn in each kind of weather.

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