Week of November 13

This week, we are learning a new letter, Letter Xx. We will be working on learning the sound that Xx makes and looking at words that end with Xx (since there are not many words beginning with Xx). We will also read stories about patterns found in animals and objects. We are still reviewing the five senses as well. You can help your child by reviewing the letters that we have studied so far (S, T, P, and O). We are also working on number recognition and patterns in class.

United Way Activities:
Our school is having fun activities to raise money to support the United Way. Your child can participate in all the activities for a $3.00 donation.
Tuesday – Jersey Day (wear your favorite jersey)
Wednesday – Crazy Hat Day
Thursday -Crazy Hair Day/ School Dance during the school day
Friday – Spirit Day – wear green and gold

At Home Activities:
*Decorate Xx – write a large capital X and a small lowercase x on drawing paper. Spread glue on the letters and help your child decorate them with glitter, tissue paper, or other art materials. (This would be great to do with other letters as well.)
*We will be reading the book How the Zebra Got Its Stripes. Read other stories at home about animals. Talk about how the animals in the stories are alike and different.
*Play a letter matching game with your child. Write letters on index cards (make two cards for each letter). Turn them over and play a game of concentration. Have your child say the letter and the letter sound of the letter he/she chooses.

Dates to Remember:
November 17 – early dismissal @1:20
November 22– early dismissal @ 1:20 (Thanksgiving)
November 23-24 – Thanksgiving holiday

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