Week of October 16

This week we will learn about neighbors and neighborhoods. We will read stories about what it means to be a good neighbor. We will begin learning a letter of the alphabet each week. This week’s letter is Ss. We will be making spider hats and scarecrows. Your child will also make an S book that you can read with your child at home. Please continue to have your child practice the letters in his or her name. We are also practicing counting to 20 in class.


Home Activities:

  1. Ss Hunt – Page through newspaper or magazine headlines with your child looking for capital S and lowercase s. Circle the letters that you find. Look at the materials again and ask you child to point to each circled letter and say its name. Look for pictures or objects that begin with S.
  2. Sort objects – Have your child sort objects in your home by size, shape, or color. Then have her/him count how many objects are in each set.
  3. When reading books to your child, have him/her predict what might happen next, tell what happened first, next and last, and answer simple questions about the book.
  4. Color the Sammy Seal book and find the Ss in the book.
  5. Practice writing the letter S using the paper sent home in your child’s folder.


Suffolk Reader Bags:

*Blue Suffolk Reader bags are due back each Tuesday. We will send new bags each Wednesday.

*You can keep the bags at home until Tuesday so the book bags aren’t too heavy.


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