October 9

This week we will begin a new unit called, “My Family, My Community”. We will learn about families and all the members of a family. We will read about what families do together. We are going to draw our families and tell about them. We are working on recognizing the letters in our name as well as other letters of the alphabet.  Please help your child practice cutting at home. This is a difficult skill to master and takes lots of practice. We will practice at school as well.

Suffolk Reader Bags

We will be sending home the blue “Suffolk Reader” bags this week. This bag will be filled with 5 books for you to read with your child at home. It is a good idea to keep all of the books right in the bag so they don’t get lost. Please keep the books at home until next Tuesday so they don’t make your child’s book bag too heavy.

Home Activities:

  1. Letter Hunt: Look at book titles and newspaper or magazine headlines with your child to find letters of the alphabet.   Start with the letter A and continue with the rest of the letters in ABC order. Encourage your child to name each letter as he/she finds it.
  2. Morning Routines: Children will listen to a story about what each person in a family does in the morning. Ask you child to tell you about the things he/she does each morning. Prompt him/her to use the words first, next, and last.
  3. Read at least one book each day. I would also encourage you to take your child to the library.

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