Week of October 2

This week, we will learn about our school. Using the topic, “Our Happy Classroom,” we will read stories about the many things we see and do at school. We will read a book called The Great Shape Hunt. We are still reviewing basic shapes and the letters in each child’s name. Continue to work on cutting skills at home. Please make sure you label your child’s coat. Sometimes there is two of the same type jacket and we are not sure which one belongs to which child.


We put nametags on each child’s book bag last week. They no longer need to wear the nametags around their necks.


Home Activities:

Name the Letters

Write the alphabet on a long strip of paper. Chant or sing the alphabet song as you point to each letter. Write the letters in your child’s first name on index cards. Help your child identify each letter and match it to the appropriate letter on the alphabet strip.

Shape Hunt

Cut a rectangle, a circle, a square, and a triangle out of construction paper. Have your child trace and name each shape. Take a walk around your neighborhood and look for these shapes on signs, houses, trees, or flowers.

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