February 20, 2017

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We will begin a new theme this week called “In the City, In the Country”. This week we will learn about the country.  Using the topic “Country Life,” we will read stories about rural areas and farms, and what it is like to live there.  The letter of the week is letter Cc.   Keep reviewing all of the letters learned.  Knowing all letters and letter sounds will give your child a good start in kindergarten next year.


Home Activities:


*Country Poster – collect Cc from newspaper and magazine headlines with your child. Write Country on drawing paper.  Find pictures of farm animals whose names begin with v, such as cows.  Help your child glue the animals pictures and letters Cc on the drawing paper to make a poster.

*Country Books – your child will listen to a story titled “The Billy Goat in the Garden” on Wednesday. Ask him/her to tell about the naughty billy goat. Read other books about farm animals with your child.

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