February 13, 2017

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This week is our last week in the theme “Construction Zone”. We will learn about how children can plan and build together to get a job done. We will read stories about how building things requires planning and working together. The letter of the week is Rr. Please continue to review all the other letters and letter sounds taught this year (S,T,P,O,Y.B,U,F,X, W,Z,M,A). We have already learned half of the alphabet!

Home Activities:

*Looking for Rr – look for Rrs on food packaging such as cereal boxes and labels on cans. You can also look for Rrs on signs around your neighborhood. Encourage your child to tell you whether the letter is a capital R or a lowercase r.

*Reading together – We will listen to the story “The Three Little Pigs” in class. You can read other versions of this story with your child. Talk about how the stories are alike and different.

*Practice your child’s personal information.

*Have your child practice writing his/her first and last name using a capital letter at the beginning and lowercase letters in the rest of his/her name.

*Practice counting objects and recognizing numbers 0 – 10.

*Practice sorting objects by color, size and shape.

*When reading, have your child point to a picture, a letter, a word, and a sentence.

Valentine Exchange

We will be exchanging valentines in class tomorrow. We will have a small snack and juice and open cards. Everyone is very excited! Please have your child wear red for Valentine’s Day and letter R.

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