Week of December 5

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This week we are continuing to discuss the four seasons. We will read stories about living things – animals and plants. We are continuing to review personal information like birthdays and addresses. Please continue to review this information with your child. We are also learning the letter Yy. Remember to review the letters learned with your child.


Field Trip

We will be taking a field trip on Friday, December 9 to Nansemond River High School to see the musical “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The show starts at 10:45.

We are not asking for chaperones to help with our class, but you are welcome to come enjoy the show with your child. Please let me know in advance if you’d be interested in attending and you can meet us at NRHS. Your child would need to ride the bus with us to and from, so please have your child to school at normal time.


Home Activities:

*Yy Hunt – look for words that begin with capital and lowercase Yy in magazine and newspaper headlines. Circle the letters. Count the number of letters you find.

*Read books about counting – we will be reading a counting book named Swan Harbor this week. Read other counting books with your child. Point out the numerals in the books. Count the items that correspond to each of the numerals.

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