February 19

This week is our last week in the theme “Construction Zone”. We will learn about how children can plan and build together to get a job done. We will read stories about how building things requires planning and working together. The letter of the week is Rr. Please continue to review all the other letters and letter sounds taught this year (S,T,P,O,Y.B,U,F,X, W,Z,M,A). We have already learned half of the alphabet!

Home Activities:
*Looking for Rr – look for Rrs on food packaging such as cereal boxes and labels on cans. You can also look for Rrs on signs around your neighborhood. Encourage your child to tell you whether the letter is a capital R or a lowercase r.
*Reading together – Last week we listened to the story “The Three Little Pigs” in class. You can read other versions of this story with your child. Talk about how the stories are alike and different.
*Practice your child’s personal information.
*Have your child practice writing his/her first and last name using a capital letter at the beginning and lowercase letters in the rest of his/her name.
*Practice counting objects and recognizing numbers 0 – 10.
*Practice sorting objects by color, size and shape.
*When reading, have your child point to a picture, a letter, a word, and a sentence.

February 12

This week we will continue with the theme “Construction Zone”. We will learn about solving problems. We will read stories about building things and working together to solve problems. The letter of the week is letter Mm. We will use comparison words like long, longer, longest to compare things in our classroom. We are still working on sorting and grouping objects in class. Please continue to review the letters and letter sounds that we have learned so far. It is important for your child to know all the letters and letter sounds when he/she goes to kindergarten next year.

Home Activities:
*Mm Hunt – Look for Mms in newspaper and magazine headlines. Underline the Mms you find and count them together. Encourage your child to trace the letters so he/ she can familiarize herself/himself with their shape. Find pictures of things that begin with the letter Mm, have your child cut them out, and glue them on a paper.
*Compare objects at home. Have your child tell which one is longer, shorter, bigger, etc. Have him/her sort objects into categories (same color, size, shape).
*Please practice your child’s personal information with him/her. This is important information for your child to learn.

Happy New Year

What we are learning:
This week we will start our fifth theme called “Animals Everywhere”. We will learn about pets. We will read stories about pets and the experiences that pet owners have had with them. We will be making animal masks and matching pictures of mother and baby animals. Letter Ff is our new letter this week. Please continue to review all letters learned so far (S,T ,P, O, X, Y,U,W).

Home Activities:
*Ff animal poster: draw a picture of a fish on a large piece of drawing paper. Tell you child that the word fish begins with the letter Ff. Children can decorate the poster by adding pictures of animals whose names begin with Ff. such as a frog or a fox.
*Read books about pets: we will listen to the story of “The Greedy Cat” this week. Ask you child to talk about how he/she feels about the cat that always wanted more. Read other books about pets with your hold. Discuss what the pets in the stories are like.

December 4

This week we are continuing to discuss the four seasons. We will read stories about living things – animals and plants. We are continuing to review personal information like birthdays and addresses. Please continue to review this information with your child. We are also learning the letter Yy. Remember to review the letters learned with your child.

We do go outside each day for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. If it is too cold or wet, we do not go outside. Please remember to send hats, gloves, etc. for your child as well as a heavy jacket for cooler days. Please make sure to label all of your child’s things.

Home Activities:
*Yy Hunt – look for words that begin with capital and lowercase Yy in magazine and newspaper headlines. Circle the letters. Count the number of letters you find.
*Read books about counting – we will be reading a counting book named Swan Harbor this week. Read other counting books with your child. Point out the numerals in the books. Count the items that correspond to each of the numerals.

November 27

We started a new unit, The Four Seasons, today. We will be reading books about the weather and talking about the seasons. The new letter this week is Letter Uu. Please review the letter and letter sound at home with your child. Remember to review the other letters we have learned as well (S, T, P, O, X). Your child should be able to recognize the letter and tell the sound of the letters that we have learned so far in class.

The NPES student council is sponsoring a Salvation Army Food Drive Nov. 20th through Friday, December 1st. Students who donate will be entered into a drawing for a small thank you prize. Thank you for your support!

At Home Activities:
*Uu umbrella: cut out capital and lowercase Us from newspaper and magazine headlines with your child. Draw an umbrella on a large piece of paper. Help your child glue the letters on the umbrella. Tell him/her that the words umbrella begins with u.
*Share books about the weather with your child. Ask about things that you could do in different kinds of weather (snowy: build a snowman, sunny: go to the beach, etc.) Discuss the weather for each day and the appropriate clothing that should be worn in each kind of weather.

Week of November 13

This week, we are learning a new letter, Letter Xx. We will be working on learning the sound that Xx makes and looking at words that end with Xx (since there are not many words beginning with Xx). We will also read stories about patterns found in animals and objects. We are still reviewing the five senses as well. You can help your child by reviewing the letters that we have studied so far (S, T, P, and O). We are also working on number recognition and patterns in class.

United Way Activities:
Our school is having fun activities to raise money to support the United Way. Your child can participate in all the activities for a $3.00 donation.
Tuesday – Jersey Day (wear your favorite jersey)
Wednesday – Crazy Hat Day
Thursday -Crazy Hair Day/ School Dance during the school day
Friday – Spirit Day – wear green and gold

At Home Activities:
*Decorate Xx – write a large capital X and a small lowercase x on drawing paper. Spread glue on the letters and help your child decorate them with glitter, tissue paper, or other art materials. (This would be great to do with other letters as well.)
*We will be reading the book How the Zebra Got Its Stripes. Read other stories at home about animals. Talk about how the animals in the stories are alike and different.
*Play a letter matching game with your child. Write letters on index cards (make two cards for each letter). Turn them over and play a game of concentration. Have your child say the letter and the letter sound of the letter he/she chooses.

Dates to Remember:
November 17 – early dismissal @1:20
November 22– early dismissal @ 1:20 (Thanksgiving)
November 23-24 – Thanksgiving holiday

Week of October 30

This week we will learn about the five senses (hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell). Using the topic “Using My Senses,” we will read stories about how people use their senses. Our new letter this week is the letter Tt. We will be reviewing the other letters learned so far (Ss and Pp). We will also be working on simple patterns.

We go outside two times each day. (Once in the morning and once in the afternoon after our nap and snack time) Please make sure to send coats, hats, mittens, scarves, etc. as the weather gets colder.


Teddy Bear DayFriday is Teddy Bear Day. Have your child bring a teddy bear to school.


Book Fair

Our school is having a book fair this week. If you would like to purchase any books, please send the money in a bag or envelope. We will take students each day to purchase books. If you write a check, please make it out to Nansemond Parkway Elementary.


Home Activities:

*Tt Poster – Go on a Tt hunt around your house. Find objects whose names begin with Tt. Write and place labels on these objects or make a list that you can read later.

*Guessing Game – Play a senses guessing game with your child. For example, say “I hear a loud ringing sound.” Encourage your child to guess what you are describing. Take turns saying clues that begin I hear ____, I see ____, I taste ____, I feel ______, and I smell _______.


Dates to Remember:

November 7 – Election Day – no school

November 10 – Veteran’s Day – no school

November 22 – early dismissal @ 1:20 (Thanksgiving)

November 23-24 – Thanksgiving holiday


Week of October 23

This week, we will learn about community helpers such as firefighters, police officers, teachers, doctors and nurses. We will read stories about how people in a community help each other. We are also learning the letter P. We will practice naming the letter, saying the letter sound, and make a list of things that begin with the letter P.


Pajama Day:

We will have a pajama day this Friday to celebrate the letter P. Please see the letter in your child’s folder explaining more about this fun day!


Book Fair

Our school is having a book fair from Oct 25- Nov. 3. If you are able to volunteer to help, please let us know and we will pass on your information to our librarian. We will visit the book fair sometime this week and made a wish list. If you would like to purchase any books, please send the money in a bag or envelope. We will take students each day to purchase books. If you write a check, please make it out to Nansemond Parkway Elementary.


Home Activities:

  1. Pp card – fold a piece of drawing paper in half. Write Pp on the front of the card. Name the letters and have you child repeat their names. Look for picture of things that start with Pp in magazines or newspapers. Cut out the pictures and help your child to glue them to the inside of the card.
  2. Practice cutting – have your child practice cutting out simple shapes or pictures. Practice is the key to learning how to cut.
  3. You can also have your child practice tracing the letter Ps that are glued into the composition book.


Week of October 16

This week we will learn about neighbors and neighborhoods. We will read stories about what it means to be a good neighbor. We will begin learning a letter of the alphabet each week. This week’s letter is Ss. We will be making spider hats and scarecrows. Your child will also make an S book that you can read with your child at home. Please continue to have your child practice the letters in his or her name. We are also practicing counting to 20 in class.


Home Activities:

  1. Ss Hunt – Page through newspaper or magazine headlines with your child looking for capital S and lowercase s. Circle the letters that you find. Look at the materials again and ask you child to point to each circled letter and say its name. Look for pictures or objects that begin with S.
  2. Sort objects – Have your child sort objects in your home by size, shape, or color. Then have her/him count how many objects are in each set.
  3. When reading books to your child, have him/her predict what might happen next, tell what happened first, next and last, and answer simple questions about the book.
  4. Color the Sammy Seal book and find the Ss in the book.
  5. Practice writing the letter S using the paper sent home in your child’s folder.


Suffolk Reader Bags:

*Blue Suffolk Reader bags are due back each Tuesday. We will send new bags each Wednesday.

*You can keep the bags at home until Tuesday so the book bags aren’t too heavy.


October 9

This week we will begin a new unit called, “My Family, My Community”. We will learn about families and all the members of a family. We will read about what families do together. We are going to draw our families and tell about them. We are working on recognizing the letters in our name as well as other letters of the alphabet.  Please help your child practice cutting at home. This is a difficult skill to master and takes lots of practice. We will practice at school as well.

Suffolk Reader Bags

We will be sending home the blue “Suffolk Reader” bags this week. This bag will be filled with 5 books for you to read with your child at home. It is a good idea to keep all of the books right in the bag so they don’t get lost. Please keep the books at home until next Tuesday so they don’t make your child’s book bag too heavy.

Home Activities:

  1. Letter Hunt: Look at book titles and newspaper or magazine headlines with your child to find letters of the alphabet.   Start with the letter A and continue with the rest of the letters in ABC order. Encourage your child to name each letter as he/she finds it.
  2. Morning Routines: Children will listen to a story about what each person in a family does in the morning. Ask you child to tell you about the things he/she does each morning. Prompt him/her to use the words first, next, and last.
  3. Read at least one book each day. I would also encourage you to take your child to the library.