Mrs. McLeod’s Class

This week we are still practicing basic shapes.  Today we described shapes based on their characteristics and then traced them. We are also talking about animals and their babies.  We will also be creating our own class art where we will work together to make a piece of art.  We will be making more Fall crafts as well.  Thank you for all of your support this year!

Home Activities:

Name the Letters

Write the alphabet on a long strip of paper.  Chant or sing the alphabet song as you point to each letter.  Write the letters in your child’s first name on index cards.  Help your child identify each letter and match it to the appropriate letter on the alphabet strip.

Shape Hunt

Cut a rectangle, a circle, a square, and a triangle out of construction paper.  Have your child trace and name each shape.  Take a walk around your neighborhood and look for these shapes on signs, houses, trees, or flowers. 

Mrs.McLeod’s Class

Last week we worked on name writing and learning basic shapes.  This week we will be talking about our families and measuring.  We will be measuring each other with yarn and measuring things in nature.  Since it is the beginning of Fall we will also be doing a Fall craft.  We are also continuing to discuss being a Super Friend in class!

Different Way Home

If your child will be going home a different way, please write a note in his/her binder so that we can him/her to the correct place. Thanks J

Fundraising Packets

Charleston Wrap Fundraising packets went home yesterday. All of the money raised will be used for our school and for our students.  Please note the deadlines which are included in the packet.  If you have any questions, please let me know


  • If there is anything you need for me to know, feel free to write a note in your child’s binder or you can send me an email at   I check my email first thing in the morning, during nap time (around 1:45) and at the end of the day (after dismissal).
  • Please check your child’s binder daily.  Any papers in their binders can be kept at home. 
  • Please have your child wear a nametag each day.  We will be putting a nametag on each book bag soon.  This is to keep everyone safe.

Mrs. McLeod’s Class

Our First Full Week of School

We have finished our first full week of school! Students are adjusting wonderfully. They have embraced routines and have made Mrs. Adkins and me very proud. Parents, we do appreciate your support so far and we are looking forward to partnering with you in pursuit of a great year.

Regulating Our Emotions

Regulate  is  all  about  children’s  abilities  to  manage  or  control  their  emotions, behaviors, and  attention. This includes understanding, describing, and managing what they are feeling. We have been discussing and practicing techniques on how to handle our behaviors when we have “strong emotions.” We have also been working on teacher-student connections. Our goal has been to also establish very positive and loving connections with our students. We have reassured them that we have partnered with you to ensure their success in Early Start. Please also find attached a description of techniques we are using in the classroom with regard to “Regulate” along with techniques that can be used at home. (Streamin3 Curriculum)

Picking Up Students Early

If at all possible, please let the office know before 3:30 if you will be picking your child up early from school. The office has asked that we help them with this. We appreciate your support.

Thank You!

Thank you for making sure that students wear name tags and Communication Binders are sent to school every day. And as always if you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs. McLeod’s Class

A super week!

We had a great first week of school.  We made new friends, learned about our classroom, played outside, read many books, and sang songs.  We also talked about being a Super Friend.  Super Friends: Use Nice Talking, Have Gentle hands and feet, Look with their eyes, Listen with their ears, Take turns with toys, and Go with the flow. Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us.  


Inside the binder, you will find a monthly calendar.  Each day, we will put a sticker on the day if your child followed the rules at school. We have talked about our classroom rules and consequences many times throughout the week.  We will continue to emphasize the rules of the classroom so that the children know and understand them.  If your child does not earn a sticker, I will write a short note to let you know what happened.  Please feel free to write in the binder if you need to let me know something about your child.

Name Tags

Please make sure that your child has his/her name tag each day.  If there is any change in the way that your child will go home, please write a note in their binder. We will be putting a nametag on your child’s book bag soon.

Change of Clothes

If you have not sent in a change of clothes for your child to keep at school, please send them in this week.  Thanks.