Week 6

Sadly, our reading of Wonder comes to an end this week. It has been an enjoyable book to read and has been an outstanding example of how we are to show kindness and compassion to others in this life. We will be celebrating the main character’s birthday Tuesday. (If any parents would like to help with that please email me.) Also there will be a cumulative test on the book Friday.

Along with the progress reports last week, I sent home a rubric and summary of the Wonder project. It is due Nov. 3. Students have a creative license to complete the project as they see fit, but all the requirements listed on the form should be included.

We are currently working on week 6 roots and vocabulary words. For homework this week, students are to choose how they would like to record the roots (ex. foldable, flowers, flashcards, or tree). This should be turned in by Friday. They also need to be making flashcards for the vocabulary words weekly and collecting them with the previous weeks words as they will see them again.

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