Talent Show

Watch Emily and friends reenact a typical day in Room 6.

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Week 13

As a reward for their exceptional behavior and teamwork during the first nine weeks, Block 3 of the Espinosa Team chose to go to our business partners at the Suffolk Animal Shelter and read to the animals rather than have a pizza party or watch a movie. It was a learning experience for all. The animals truly loved to be read to. Often the dogs and cats curled up in their laps and listened intently while students took turns reading our novel Number the Stars to them. A great time was had by all. Which block will receive the next nine weeks goal? Hard work and perseverance really does pay off.

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Week 10

Happy Monday,

I hope you are geared up and ready to roll for a fabulous new nine weeks. We are in full swing now back to studying a new group of root words and vocabulary words. Together we are reading a wonderful short story called “All Summer in a Day”. I highly recommend you look it up online and reread it several times for your AR reading at home. Remember, as I have stated many times before, your 30 minutes of reading can include your AR book, homework from other classes, magazines and other materials you enjoy. Just be sure to log it DAILY on your yellow Reading Log. I need to see the date, the title, the number of pages read, and what type of material it is.

Also the following are our vocabulary words from “All Summer in a Day”. This is a wonderful story with much figurative language. See if you can pick out the similes, metaphors, hyperboles, and personification. By Friday, you should have used at least 5 of these words in a poem, jingle, song, or comic/cartoon.


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Week 9

Please note our Benchmark is Thursday. You should use this week to study all the notes you have so far this year. Especially pay close attention to the roots and their meanings, as well as, parts of speech. Keep reading 30 minutes everyday to build up your vocabulary. Remember the class with 100% pass rate wins the party! You got this!!!

Don’t forget your Wonder project is due Friday. You should also be at 100% of your reading goal by Friday, Monday the very latest!

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Week 8

Monday we will be in the computer lab typing our final, formal draft of the pets persuasive paper. Then we will be finalizing the fairy tales. That may mean printing, illustrating, and writing a page about the author. The rest of the week will be preparing for the Benchmark which will be on November 2. Finally, grades for AR will be going in soon. November 3 is the last day to test and the Wonder project is also due that day. Please complete these items as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute. If there are issues with them we can work to correct it before the last day.

Have a great week! SMILE and Be POSITIVE!

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Week 6

Sadly, our reading of Wonder comes to an end this week. It has been an enjoyable book to read and has been an outstanding example of how we are to show kindness and compassion to others in this life. We will be celebrating the main character’s birthday Tuesday. (If any parents would like to help with that please email me.) Also there will be a cumulative test on the book Friday.

Along with the progress reports last week, I sent home a rubric and summary of the Wonder project. It is due Nov. 3. Students have a creative license to complete the project as they see fit, but all the requirements listed on the form should be included.

We are currently working on week 6 roots and vocabulary words. For homework this week, students are to choose how they would like to record the roots (ex. foldable, flowers, flashcards, or tree). This should be turned in by Friday. They also need to be making flashcards for the vocabulary words weekly and collecting them with the previous weeks words as they will see them again.

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Week 5

Interim reports will be sent home Wednesday along with all the graded materials thus far. Students are required to return the signed report AND all the work Thursday. This will be recorded as a homework assignment due to its importance.


Monday: Study for Story Elements test Wednesday and start your roots and vocab cartoon.
Tuesday: Study for Story Elements test and continue cartoon.
Wednesday: You will have a test on story elements. Continue working on cartoon.
Thursday: Your Science Roots tree should be complete so you can study it for the quiz Friday. Also study vocabulary words by making flashcards, etc. These quizzes are cumulative, so save all your word cards and keep studying the ones from the past.
Friday: Your cartoon is due and you will take the roots and vocab quiz. You should be testing AR soon!!

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English 6 Wonder

Welcome to the Wonder of sixth grade English, where you will dive into the wonderful world of books and hence the world of knowledge. Note the following assignments for Week 2:

Tuesday- study roots and vocabulary from Week 1 and 2. If you need to practice with flashcards, make them. If you prefer to load them into the computer and practice that way check out Vocabulary City.
Don’t forget to read 30 minutes every night. You now have an AR book and a log to use.

Wednesday- Complete the sort for vocabulary words week 1

Thursday – Complete the sort for vocabulary week 2 and study both sets for quiz Friday

Friday – Quiz on roots and vocabulary words

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week 36

As June arrives, we officially stop the homework since there will be no more spelling tests. HOWEVER, I greatly encourage you to continue having the children read nightly, use Reading Eggs and iXL, and play math games throughout the summer so as not to lose what we have worked so hard to gain.

This week we will be decorating the room with a beach theme. You can send in chairs, towels, beach balls, etc. and we will have a great last two weeks relaxing and having fun. The following are important dates:
End-of-Year Awards Assemblies
Kindergarten Completion Ceremony: Monday, June 8th @ 2:10 p.m.
Early Start Closing Ceremony: Thursday, June 11th @ 10:00 a.m.
Grades 1-4 Student Recognition Assembly: Thursday, June 11th @ 2:10 p.m.
5th Grade Completion Ceremony: Friday, June 12th @ 11:00 a.m. (Time Change)

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week 35

hmk week 35
We continue our review of all subjects and skills taught this far. Please use the study guides from the year and old tests to go over information with the students. All you do at home to help them be successful at school is much appreciated! Reading with and to them is the best enrichment you can give them. If you would like suggestions for summer, please let me know.

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week 34

hmk week 34
This week we will continue reviewing social studies and science skills in preparation for the end of the year test. SS will focus on famous Americans and holidays, while science covers natural resources. In math we will continue graphing and also review all previous skills taught.

I am seeking volunteers to help make Author’s boxes for the students books they have written this year. If you can help or donate Contact paper, please let me know. Thank you.

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