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17 May 2013

Final announcements from Mrs. Copeland:

I will not accept homeworks after May 17…really…I will not accept homeworks after May 17.

I will not credit Senior Memory Books after May 21…really…I will not credit Senior Memory Books after May 21.

Look forward to seeing you at the picnic!

8/9 May 2013

Today, Mrs. Hodges from Everest College will be visiting us.  She will be speaking on budgets, credit cards, etc.  You will learn a lot! 

How are those eyeballs?  ;)

6/7 May 2013

Today, we will discuss “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” and we will also read “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and analyze the characterization of Mrs. Mallard.

Progress Reports come out Friday…the Victorian Test, for many of you, well let’s just say you either did not do a good job of filling out your study guide, or you did not look at your study guide, so your average for this class may look yucky until I get all research papers graded.  :(

Two homeworks are due this week!  I can’t wait to see your Senior Memory Books!  :) 

2/3 May 2013

Today, we will analyze the imagery in” The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula Le Guin. Great story, so buckle up!  This analysis will take the whole the block, so we will hold discussion on the piece during the next block.  Have a great weekend!

Do not forget two homeworks are due this week!

30 April/1 May 2013

Last class, we took the Victorian Age Test and filled out the Study Guide for the Modern Era.

Today, we will view a Worst Jobs in History segment.

Please remember that TWO homeworks are due this week.  They must be typed.

22/23 April 2013

Today, the final drafts of the research paper are due!!!  Any late  papers will receive a penalty…so no whining!!!

We will look at a powerpoint on the Victorian Age…Victorian Age test is on April 26/29.

We will also read “The Bet”  and answer questions.

I circulated a list of names for possible diplomas to check for correct spelling, so see me if you have not looked at that list.

18/19 April 2013

Today, we will take the vocabulary quiz for the Victorian Period.  We will also draft the “I Am From” poem for your Senior Memory Book!!! 

Final drafts of the research paper are due April 22/23!!!

12/15 April 2013

Today we will view a Worst Jobs in History segment.  If you have not completed the Study Guide for the Victorian Age, there will be time to do that also. 

Your homework for next week will be an in-class assignment, so stay tuned.

Vocablary quiz for the Victorian Age is April 18/19.

9 April 2013

Welcome Back!!!!  We are almost finished with the research paper.  The rough drafts should be in your hands for class on April 10/11.  You will not have the opportunity to print in my class, so make sure you have printed them before class.  We will do peer revisions for about 15 minutes in class, then we will work on vocabulary for  the Victorian Era.  I will also explain your homework for the 4th nine weeks.  Be diligent about your work; we are very close to graduation!

27 March 2013

Happy Easter!!!  Enjoy your Spring Break.  When we return, we will be going back to the computer lab to finish our rough drafts. 

Honors:  Upon returning to school, if you turn in the completed study guide for Things Fall Apart, I will allow it to either count as an extra credit quiz, or it can replace the quiz for the end of the book if you feel you did not do well due to not finishing the book.  No, I will not be grading the quiz before you make your decision; your decision will prompt me to grade or not to grade…remember, I am the one doing you a huge favor.  Should I suspect copycat expressions on the study guides, they will become null and void.  If you choose the study guide option, 6th block is due on April 8, and 2nd block is due on April 10.

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