2012-2013 School Year

The first SCA meeting will be held the 1st week activity busses run.  All students at LHS are welcome to attend and become members.  We will need help with preparing for Spirit Activities the week of Homecoming, Oct. 12 and to plan events throughout the coming school year.

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1st Meeting

The first meeting of the year will be Sept. 15th at 2:30 in room 208.  You must provide your own transportation if you plan to attend.  We will be discussing upcoming activities and homecoming.

Any student with a 2.0 GPA or higher can join SCA–All you need to do is attend a meeting.

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LHS Dance Survey

Please complete the following survey by clicking the link below.


The password is dance.

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SCA Ice Cream Social

The SCA will have its first meeting tomorrow at 2:30 in room 208.  We will have ice cream following the meeting.  We plan to discuss homecoming, fundraisers, and hat days.  New and old members are welcome.  This meeting is manditory for all representatives and returning members.

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Summer Meeting Dates

Officers will need to meet August 9th and 12th from 10am to 2pm.  I will provide lunch both days.

Class Representatives should plan to meet with us on August 12th from 10am to 2pm.  Again,  I will provide lunch.

Please bring your notebooks, ideas, and something to write with.

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Next Meeting: Thursday, April 29

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SCA Elections

The SCA will be holding elections for the upcoming school year 2010-2011.  Applications were due Wednesday, April 21st.  Each candidate for office must give a speech next week during the morning announcements. 

Monday will be speeches for Representative.

Tuesday will be speeches for Treasurer and Secretary.

Wednesday will be speeches for Vice President.

Thursday will be speeches for President.

Elections will occur FRIDAY.

We will also attempt to pass our new constitution on Friday.  If you would like to read it and comment please check out our constitution page.

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Do you need your clocks or lights fixed in your classroom?

The SCA is trying to help you get this done.  Please post a comment on this blog if you need your clock fixed or the number of lights that are out in your classroom.


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Meeting and Hat Day rescheduled

The meeting planned for today will be rescheduled next Monday after school. 

Hat Day will also be next Friday.

Please plan to attend the meeting.  We will need your help.

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We will meet this Thursday after school in room 208.

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Every Tuesday and Thursday
@ 2:30pm in Room 208
Check the Google Calendar below for meeting dates.


President: Jessica March
Vice President: Chelsea Ellis
Treasurer: Matthew Bradshaw
Secretary: Melissa Lewis


Class of 2013: Dylan Ayers
Class of 2014:
Class of 2015: Jullian Tadurand
Class of 2016: TBA