Google Classroom/Remind101

What is Google Classroom?

It is a social learning platform similar to the discussion boards that college students experience.  You will be given a password and only our students will be members of the group.  I will distribute assignments through the GC, and you will upload your answers, essays, etc.


Is it a “safe” environment for the students?

It is password protected and all users have to be approved by the teacher.


What is the learning benefit for students to be “on-line” instead of doing regular homework?

1.  Students will be thinking and writing about literature and other topics associated with our class.

2.  The online component will encourage preparation for class.  Students will think about the topics that we discuss in class and hopefully, be better prepared to discuss and participate.

3. The online component will also help students build their analytical and debate skills as they engage each other in discussions.

4. It will prepare students for on-line discussions that are frequently part of college curricula.  Many of my former students have reported having to participate in online discussions as part of their grades for their English, history, and psychology, etc. courses.

5. This will be more stimulating than “Answer these 5 questions about this story.”  The students may actually exceed the basic homework requirements and produce more quality work.

6. I am excited about the possibility that we will be able to post more creative writing and critique one another’s work.

7. Because I will be grading capitalization, punctuation, etc. and projecting sample responses randomly, students will write with some care as opposed to what they typically produce for homework assignments.


So, how will this be graded?

GC discussion assignments will be graded primarily as homework assignments.  Occasionally, if the assignment requires more intense effort, I will alert the students that the product will be a classwork or other type of grade.

Homework assignments will be assessed based on participation, fulfillment of the assignment’s requirements, effort, and adherence to standard rules for capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

No credit will be given to a student who insults another student or violates the site’s policies for positive language, etc.  Violations may also result in being blocked from the site and a referral.  Being blocked from the site will result in alternative assignments which will be in ESSAY FORMAT.


What will happen if a student does not have access to the internet at home?

We have discussed this possibility in class.  First of all, I will post assignments in advance and give students several class periods to complete them.  This should allow students without access at home to go to the public library, visit the school library, or use the extra computer in my classroom.

The computers in the library are available before school (30 minutes prior), after school (30 minutes afterwards), and during student lunch periods.  Before school, students do NOT need a pass from a teacher to use a library computer.  However, the media specialists will not allow a student to log-on within 5 minutes of the first bell ringing unless he or she has a pass from a teacher; this is to prevent the student from being late to class.

To use a computer during lunchtime, students must secure a pass from any teacher.  Please do not wait until the lunch bell rings to ask for a pass.  Teachers, like students, have a very short lunch period.

After school, no pass is needed to use a computer in the library, but students will want to listen for announcements regarding library closures.

The computer in my classroom is available without a pass in the morning, but students must log off and report to class on time.  I will not give a tardy excuse!  If students wish to use the computer during their lunch period, they are to see me in advance to get a hall pass to visit my room.  I will not allow students to use the computer during class time.  They will miss other work.


What is Remind (formerly Remind101) used for?

Remind is a service that provides a safe way for teachers to text message or email students and parents all at once. In our classroom, Remind 101 will be used as a tool to remind students of homework, impending due dates, corrections or modifications to assignments, changes in schedule, or teacher absences.

How do I sign up?

Directions on how to sign up for Remind can be found in my classroom or you may email me at

Can Mrs. Murray or other people see my number?

No. Nobody, not even the teacher, is able to see your mobile number. All I can see is the name you submit when signing up for the service. Please do not use fake names/aliases. Any names that do not belong to a student or a parent will be removed from the subscriber’s list, and you will not receive any reminders.

Is the number I receive texts from Mrs. Murray’s real number?

No. The number given to you is generated at random by Remind and is only used to send out reminders.

Can I text or email Mrs. Murray back?

No, the service is one-way– from the teacher to the student. If you need to contact me, please use my school email.

Can parents subscribe?

Yes! Parents are more than welcome to sign up for updates! They can do so through text notifications or e-mail! Parents may sign up for the parent notifications as well as the student notifications.

Does it cost any money to sign up?

Remind 101 service is 100% FREE!! Standard text messaging rates, however, do apply. Email notifications are completely free.

Are students required to participate?

No, students are not required to sign up for Remind. Almost all of our homework is written on the classroom whiteboard.  More extensive assignments are posted to the blog also.  This is simply an additional communication tool that I am adding this this year.

What happens if Mrs. Murray does not send a text message? Am I responsible for the homework or assignment?

Yes, I will make every effort to send a text message about assignments, but you should have your notes as a backup. There should be no excuses for not knowing the day’s homework or assignment☺.

How do I stop receiving messages?

Text message: If you are subscribed to more than one teacher and want to unsubscribe from all classes, simply reply with the word “stop.” If you are subscribed to multiple classes and only want to unsubscribe from one teacher’s notifications, type “unsubscribe @code” (with “code” being your class code).

Email: Reply to your teacher’s email with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject field to stop receiving notifications for that class.