Research Paper

March 17, 2011

If you need more notes for the research paper than the ones that I have given in class, here are some sites that you can try out:

This is the best site for an overview of writing a research paper:

If you need additional help, here are some resources:

1. Sample research papers to show you how to type and present your paper; these also show the parenthetical citations and works cited page:

Sample Research Paper

Sample Research Paper 2

Sample Research Paper 3

Here is a link to another one with specific directions about typing:

2. MLA citation examples

Here is a chart of citation examples for MLA:

Here is a citation generator (a cite that will create the citation as you enter the information).  You may find that it is quicker to just follow the examples/charts than to input the data into this “machine.”

Note: you have to select MLA in the upper LEFT hand corner.

 3. How to write an outline

Here is a sample outline:  (This document says that the outline page should be numbered differently than normal.  You do NOT need to do that for our paper.  Just keep your regular numbering).

You may use a topic or sentence outline.  Make sure that you are consistent.  For example, if you choose to use a sentence outline, then all of your sections have to be in “sentences.”