Blocks 4 and 6: Homework

September 30, 2010

Today, we had an abbreviated class (about 40 minutes) so we didn’t get everything accomplished that I had planned.

We were able to–

1. complete a warm-up related to subject-verb agreement and parts of speech

2. complete our second reading check grade for “The Most Dangerous Game” (Hopefully, you earned a better score.)

3. work in groups on a plot analysis of “The Most Dangerous Game” and analyze our responses.

4. go over the final vocabulary words for lesson 2


1. Complete the vocabulary sentences (all 25) for lesson 2.

2. List 5 actions from the rising action of the story.  Be ready to discuss them.

You can expect quizzes on the new vocabulary and parts of speech on Wednesday.  I had hoped to get to the parts of speech today and have the quiz on Monday, but the weather infered with my plans.

Block 7: Homework

September 30, 2010

Today, we finished the following:

1. a warm-up related to subject-verb agreement and prepositional phrases

2. the second reading check for “The Most Dangerous Game”

3. homework check for grammar pages and vocabulary sentences (I will accept the vocabulary sentences again tomorrow for full credit.)

4. review of the grammar pages related to parts of speech (p. 407 and 409)

5. review of homework vocabulary sentences (through #12)

There is no new homework.  If you did not have the vocabulary, make sure that I see it tomorrow

We will use “The Most Dangerous Game” tomorrow for several group activities, so double check your reading comprehension.

Expect a vocabulary quiz on Monday and a parts of speech quiz on Tuesday:)

Reminder: Progress reports go out next week!