Extra Help for the Wish You Well Test

September 22, 2010

These pointers are a reward for taking the time to read the blog:

1. Make sure that you understand the plot structure of the story because I may ask you to explain the climax, rising action, or exposition of the story.

2. Think about the symbolism that Baldacci includes.  Be able to identify 3 symbols and explain how they enhance the reader’s understanding of the character or story.

3. How are the allusions (references) to The Wizard of Oz used to enhance the story?  What are the connections between the two stories?  Think about the characters.

4. How does the plot of the story reflect the battle between industrialization and agarianism in the 1940s?

5. Does optimism or pessimism win out in the story?

6. Explain the court case.  What does Baldacci’s portrayal of the court case say about his view of the American judicial system?  (You will have to infer to answer this question).

7. Which characters are round? flat? dynamic? static?  What does Baldacci do to make each character that you have chosen into this type of character?

8. Is the primary conflict of this story internal or external? Prove your point with details from the book and be sure to include how the conflict is resolved.

Block 7: Homework

September 22, 2010

On Tuesday, we analyzed The Wizard of Oz allusions in Wish You Well. We also finished discussing the themes and characterization.  We also enjoyed a fire drill.

There was no new homework other than to study for Friday’s test on the novel.

Today, we visited the library for our orientation and to check out a nonfiction book about a person.  Then we finished our notes on characterization and went over what would be on the novel test.


1. Study for Friday’s test on Wish You Well.

2. Begin to read your biography/autobiography and have it in class on Tuesday for approval (homework grade).

If this is NOT enough for you–

3. Begin to read “The Most Dangerous Game” in the literature text (pp. 4-13).

Blocks 1 and 3: Homework

September 22, 2010

On Tuesday, we accomplished the following:

1. visited the library to check out a library book (biography or nonfiction) to read for our book analysis (written TEST grade)– due in 3 weeks

2. analyzed the themes of Wish You Well with a group activity (classwork grade)

3. analyzed the Wizard of Oz allusion in Wish You Well


1. Study for your TEST on Wish You Well

2. Read “The Most Dangerous Game,” pages 4-13 in the literature book.

3. Begin your biography and have it in class on Monday for my approval.