Blocks 4, 6, and 7: Homework

September 14, 2010

Today in blocks 4 and 6, we were able to–

1. Go over vocabulary (Quiz on Monday) and collected vocabulary sentences

2. Analyze plot structure of Wish You Well (classwork-group grade) and take notes on literary terms for plot

3. Distribute grammar books

4. Collect summer reading assignment

In block 7, we were able to–

1. Finish our plot structure analysis from yesterday

2. Discuss the types of characters and analyze characterization in Wish You Well

3. Distribute grammar books (all except for 4 students received books; I will get more books from the book closet tomorrow)

4. Collect summer reading assignment


1. Study for your prepositions quiz (B4 and 6– THURSDAY; B7– FRIDAY)

2. Study for your vocabulary quiz (B5 and 6– MONDAY; B7– THURSDAY)

Note: I let B7 select the days that they wanted their quizzes.  The other classes will have this opportunity with the next set of quizzes.

I have finished grading the Wish You Well quizzes and will input the grades tomorrow.