This week’s h.w.

Homework Week 31 – All due Friday 4/20/18

Reading Homework:

Scholastic News 4/9/18 issue – Read Where’s the Water (pg. 2), Pollution on a Stick (pg. 3) and Tracking My Trash (pgs. 4-5).  Complete the News Graph and News Review on page 8.  Locate, underline, and put the question number (circled) next to where you found the answers for #’s 4 – 10.  Here’s a link that will take you to the issue you need.  Remember that the student password is bookday10.

Scholastic News April 9, 2018 Edition

Writing Homework:

Complete the sheet Track Your Trash.  Questions 1 – 4 MUST be answered in complete sentences for full credit. Here is a pdf copy of that sheet:

Writing HW Week 31

Math Homework: Color By Number – Adding Fractions with unlike denominators (you must neatly write the problems and show your work on a separate piece of paper to receive full credit).

Here is a pdf copy:

Math Homework Week 31

Science Homework:  Daily Review #12. Here is a pdf copy. Ignore that it says it is due Wednesday.  It’s really due Friday, 4/20/18.

Science HW Daily Review #12 (redone)


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