Week 32

This week we will begin working in small groups as we begin to prepare for next month’s SOL test in reading.  We will also continue to read our guided reading novels:  Shiloh, Holes, and Maniac Magee.  We will begin a new shared reading on Monday, Island of the Blue Dolphins.

In writing this week we will complete a narrative writing (going through all the steps from planning to final copy) using the following prompt: Your teacher gives you a camera and asks you to take pictures of three things you like at school. Explain what you take pictures of and why you like these things.

In math, we will finish elapsed time and work on prime and composite numbers, as well as even and odd.  On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, we have an assessment on elapsed time, prime/composite and even/odd numbers.  On Thursday we will take the NWEA math MAP test.  This will be our last formal assessment (diagnostic) prior to next month’s SOL testing.

There is homework in reading, writing, and science.  Copies/explanations of assignments are posted above.

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