Week 31

This week we will take our final NWEA Reading diagnostic on Thursday, April 19, 2018.  The expectation is that students will have achieved growth as compared to Fall testing.

In reading this week we will continue to work on locating evidence in informational passages and formulating opinions.  The focus will be on differentiating between fact and opinion.  We will review last week’s hashtag writing and work on a second opinion/evidence-based passage.  We will also focus on our three classroom novels (Shiloh, Holes, and Maniac Magee).  We will finish our shared reading of  Esperanza Rising.  Students will take an open-book assessment and then all take the A. R. test on the novel.  We will work on vocabulary, complete a portion of a practice released test, and read and respond to the article Invasion of the Jellyfish from StoryWorks.

In math we will continue with SOL 5.14 and assess subdividing figures while we learn about translations, reflections, and rotations.  We will begin SOL 5.11 Elapsed Time.

In science, we will work on reviewing SOL 4.2 Force, Motion, and Energy, SOL 5.1 Scientific Investigation, and review SOL 5.4 Matter vocabulary.

You have homework in every subject with the exception of social studies.  Copies/links to all homework is posted above.

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