Week 30

You may have noticed that I did not post this week.  My mother was in the hospital after a fall, so I was in Charleston helping out.  Last week was very scary, but yesterday she was able to leave the hospital and able to go home with the round-the-clock care.  I am thankful that things improved so much.

There is no homework for this week.

I will be back in class on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, and we will finish up the week with lots of evidence-based reading and writing, plus writing a letter to convince the Teeny Tiny Farm to visit Oakland (for free!) on Field Day.

In math we will be working on shapes –  SOL 5.14

  1. a) recognize and apply transformations, such as translation, reflection, and rotation; and
  2. b) investigate and describe the results of combining and subdividing polygons.

In social studies we will begin learning about the cultural differences and causes of the Civil War (US1.9).  Some students will begin working on individual, independent projects on the Civil War when finished with their assignments.


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