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Letter Jj Week!

st patricks dayWhat we are learning

This week we will begin a new theme called “Let’s Move!” where we will have fun moving our bodies! We will read stories about the different ways we move, such as running, skipping, sliding, and jumping.

The new letter this week is Jj.  We will complete a jellyfish craft, sort Jellybeans, explore green Jello Playdoh and celebrate St. Patrick’s day.  Remember to wear green on Friday!  The naughty leprechaun usually makes a visit to our classroom to mess up our room while he searches for his gold!

Please continue to review all of the letters and letter sounds we have learned so far (Ss,Tt,Pp,Oo,Yy,Bb,Uu,Ff,Xx,Ww,Zz,Mm,Aa,Rr,Cc,Qq,Vv). Please also work on helping your student memorize your telephone number.

Reading Skills

We will continue to review our sight words previously learned:

I, see, like, a, he, she

Please work on these at home!

Home Activities

Jumping Jack or Jill – Make a stick puppet. Tell your child that the figure is Jumping Jack or Jill and that he/she likes the letters Jj. Look for Jjs in newspaper and magazine headlines with your child. Have him/her make the puppet “jump” each time he/she sees Jj.

Stories – Your child will listen to the story “The Gingerbread Man” on Wednesday. Ask him/her to talk about the story and name the characters that try to catch the gingerbread man.  Share other versions of this story with your child.

Letter Vv Week!

Cat in the Hat 1

What we are learning

This is our final week on the unit “The City and the Country”. We will review the city and the country and compare/contrast the two, reading stories about both. Our new letter this week is letter Vv (van, volcano, violin, vest, valentine). We conduct a volcano experiment in class using baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring! We will also experiment with floating and sinking objects.

Please continue to review all the other letters and letter sounds taught this year (S,T,P,O,Y.B,U,F,X, W,Z,M,A,R,C,Q). We have already learned over half of the alphabet!

Kindergarten Registration

Don’t forget! Kindergarten Registration will be held THIS Wednesday, March 8 from 8am-5pm at your child’s home zoned school. Please register your child at this date.  Email me or call if you have questions!

Reading Skills

Last week we discussed and identified questions and question marks. We will continue that, also reviewing our sight words already learned: I, see, like, a.  We will also begin teaching “he” and “she” and make sentences.