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Letter Uu Week!

umbrellaLetter “Uu” Week

This week we will be doing crafts for the Christmas holiday, umbrella activities and partaking in Career Day! Our new unit begins this week, “The Four Seasons”. We will be reading books about the weather and talking about the seasons of the year.  The new letter this week is Letter Uu. Please review the letter/letter sound and finding Uu’s at home with your child, as well as our other letters (S,T,P,O,X).  Your child should be able to recognize the letters and tell the sound of the letters that we have learned so far in class.

This week I will send home a letter check-up sheet about the letters we’ve learned. Please review any highlighted information with your child! He/she should know all of the letters and sounds we’ve learned.



  • Nov. 29-Dec 1: Parent-Teacher Conferences are taking place before/after school for those who have signed up
  • Dec. 2: Career Day at school
  • Dec. 9: Field trip to see “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at NRHS


Letter Xx Week!

letter-x This week, we are learning a new letter, Letter Xx.  We will be working on learning the sound that Xx makes and words that end with Xx (fox, box, etc. since there are not many words beginning with Xx).



Also, ask your child what his/her five senses are and what body part we use for each (smell, taste, see, touch, hear)! You can help your child by reviewing the letters that we have studied so far (S,T,P,O).

United Way Spirit Week!

Send $3 if you’d like your child to participate in all the activities, including a dance on Friday afternoon during nap time.


  • I will send home letter check-up form for the letters we have learned already.       Please review the letters we have already learned over Thanksgiving break with your child, especially if I highlighted any of the information.
  • You will be receiving a note about Parent-Teacher Conferences. These will be held before and after school by appointment only on Tuesday Nov 29, Wednesday Nov 30 and Thursday Dec 1. Please contact me if you’d like to request a time. 8:30, 8:45, 4:15 or 4:30.
  • Next week, November 23, is a short week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. We have early dismissal at 1:20pm on Wednesday, and no school Thursday or Friday. We will not be learning a new letter, but we will review the letters learned so far. We will also do Thanksgiving activities.
  • There will be no newsletter next week.




Letter Oo Week!

Octopus Clipart

Letter “Oo” Week

We are continuing our unit called “My Five Senses” where students will learn about our senses of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. We will be talking about the colors we see all around us- please point out and discuss colors at home!

This week is also the letter “Oo” week! Students will meet Ozzie Octopus and we will discuss words that begin with Oo, identify the letter & letter sound, discuss ocean animals, and make a pattern using apple jacks.

We will review the letters Ss, Pp and Tt.

  • No School on Tuesday, 11/8 and Friday, 11/11
  • Please have your child practice putting on his or her coat and zipping it up. We are practicing here at school as well. This makes them more independent and more ready for kindergarten.
  • Please return Raising a Reader bags each Tuesday!!!
  • If you would like to order any Scholastic books, please let me know by Monday, Nov. 14.
  • Next week we will send more information about Parent Teacher Conferences which will be held before or after school by appointment only on November 29, 30 & December 1.