Early Start, Room 71

Review Week

This week we will not learn a new letter because we will not take part in our daily routines due to several other events.  Tomorrow there is no school.  Thursday we will take part in STEM with the Suffolk Public Library.  Friday we will participate in our school Career Day! We will continue next week with letter Jj!

Dates to Remember

Tues, March 5- No School (Staff Development Day)

Fri, March 8- Career Day- Dress up in your favorite Career gear! (no pretend weapons)

Weds, March 13- Kindergarten Registration at home-zoned school


Please ask your students to tell the strategies we’ve learned about being Super Friends and Tucker Turtle!


Letter Hh Week!

What we are learning

We will continue our unit called “Let’s Move!” where we will have fun moving our bodies!  We will read stories about the different ways we move, and experiment with hula hoops. The new letter this week is Hh (horse, hat, hug, hay, hunt, house). We will discuss Humpty Dumpty and go on an “I Spy” walk to find his pieces and put him back together again!  We will also read the book Harry the Dirty Dog, which they love!  We will also work more on identifying numbers.

Please continue to review all of the letters and letter sounds we have learned so far (Ss,Tt,Pp,Oo,Yy,Bb,Uu,Ff,Xx,Ww,Zz,Mm,Aa,Rr,Cc,Qq,Vv,Jj).

Reading Skills

We will continue to review our sight words previously learned: I, see, like, a, he, she, NEW WORDS- me, we

Home Activities

*Hh Hunt – look at magazine and newspaper headlines with your child.  Search for words that begin with capital H and lowercase h.  Circle the letters. Count the number of letters you find.  Look for pictures that begin with the letter H.

*Work on recognizing numbers 0-20 with your child.  Practice writing numbers once your child can recognize them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week we will review the letters we’ve learned since we have a short week.  Your student should be able to identify the letter and sound it makes: S, P, T, O, X.  You will see a letter check-up slip in your child’s binder this week.  Please work on the highlighted letters.

Nap blankets will be sent home tomorrow (Tuesday).  We did not send out blue reader bags last week due to the Thanksgiving break.  We will start up again next week when we return and take another break around Christmas.

Early dismissal Wednesday at 1:15pm. No School Thursday or Friday.



“Shaping Up”
We are learning the names and features of the four main shapes – circles, squares, triangles, rectangles (and more to come!). Please point out shapes with your student around the house, when driving in the car, etc.  One of their favorite references I make is that a rectangle looks like a door! There are shapes all around us and giving students concrete examples at home helps them to remember the names of the shapes.

In small group, we traced and colored shapes, created a face made of shapes and sponge painted shapes. During work time (centers), we got the choice of playing in housekeeping, table toys, building blocks and animals, trucks and doll houses. This is so much fun, and we look forward to opening more work centers!
We continue to reinforce class rules, procedures and expectations. We are filling a classroom bubble gum jar and each students put a bubble gum in when they are seen following directions!

**ALL DAILY EARLY START Parent Pick Ups will be held in the Gym each afternoon.  We are not using the alphabetical system.

**Our school fundraiser should be coming home next week! Stay tuned.

**We collect Box Tops for Education!

Pete the Cat!

This week we will read books from my favorite character, Pete the Cat! I encourage you to look him up on YouTube or check out the books from the public library. I also will be sending home a Scholastic order if you’d like to order books, and he is in there as well. The kids love Pete!
We will work on identifying colors, as well as sorting and matching colors this week. Additionally, we will be discussing the first letter of our own name and everyone should be able to identify/tell what letter they start with this week.
*Please work on colors and the first letter of your child’s name at home this week.
*Back to School night this Thursday.
BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone for sending the name necklaces back and forth daily! Y’all are awesome.

Super 1st week!

A Super Week!

We had a great first week of school! We made new friends, learned about our classroom, played in centers, read books, sang songs, danced, and much more!  This week we focused on learning many routines and procedure for what to do in school.  We recite and discuss our class rules together daily:

(from Whole Brain Teaching)

Our Class Rules

Rule 1: Follow directions quickly.

Rule 2: Raise your hand for permission to speak.

Rule 3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

Rule 4: Make smart choices.

Rule 5: Keep your dear teacher happy! (and mommy/daddy)

We will also be working on identifying our name and picture, and thinking about the first letter of our name.  We will also begin trying to write our name DAILY.  Please work on this as well.

**Our School collect Box Tops for Education!! Please send them in the zipper pouch if you’d like to help us out!.**

**Back to School Night is Thursday, Sept 13. Chick Fil A is Cash-only.

**Nap blankets are sent home every Friday for weekend washing.

Letter Vv Week!


What we are learning

This is our final week on the unit “The City and the Country”. We will review the city and the country and compare/contrast the two, reading stories about both. Our new letter this week is letter Vv (van, volcano, violin, vest, valentine). We conduct a volcano experiment in class using baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring!

Please continue to review all the other letters and letter sounds taught this year (S,T,P,O,Y.B,U,F,X, W,Z,M,A,R,C,Q). We have already learned over half of the alphabet!

Upcoming Dates

Don’t forget! Kindergarten Registration will be held Wednesday, March 13 from 8am-5pm at your child’s home zoned school.  Email me or call if you have questions!

Scholastic Orders due Monday, March 4.

NO SCHOOL- Tuesday, March 5.

Career Day (students may dress up as their favorite career)- Friday, March 8.

Reading Skills

Last week we discussed and identified questions and question marks. We will continue that, also reviewing our sight words already learned: I, see, like, a.  We will also begin teaching “he” and “she” and make sentences.

Letter Qq Week!

NOTE: Please send a winter coat each day as we play outside as long as its above 40 degrees. You can pack a light coat in the book bag as well so that we have options based on the temperature.

What we are learning

This week we will focus on the city. Using the topic “The Busy, Busy City,” we will read stories about what it is like to live in the city and how people get around there.

Our new letter this week is letter Qq (queen, quarter, quilt).

Please continue to review all the other letters and letter sounds taught this year (S,T,P,O,Y.B,U,F,X, W,Z,M,A,R,C). We have already learned over half of the alphabet!

Reading Skills

This week we will continue the sight words “I, like, see, a.” We will also begin “he” and “she.” We will be discussing, identifying, writing and using these words in a sentence.  Please work on identifying these using the Kindergarten September sight word list.

Home Activities

Stories We will read the story City Mouse and Country Mouse this week. Ask your child to tell what happens when the country mouse visits the city.  Read other books about the city with your child.  Discuss what your child sees in the illustrations.

Coins We will continue to learn about money this week. Talk about each coin with your child and have them sort coins. Have your child count pennies.  You could set up a “store” at home.  Assign items a price and have your child count out pennies to “buy” an item.  (This could also be good for behavior reinforcement- student earns a penny each day and can buy a treat at home once he/she has 5 pennies.)

Letter Cc Week!


What we are learning

We loved studying the letter Rr! This week we begin a new unit called “In the City, In the Country” and we will study the letter Cc. We will focus on the country (farm) this week by discussing animals and features of a farm and also discussing the difference in the county and the city.  We will read farm stories, while discussing that much of our food products come from animals!  We will also read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and make a caterpillar pattern. Please continue to review all the other letters and letter sounds taught this year (S,T,P,O,Y.B,U,F,X, W,Z,M,A,R).

Reading Skills

This week we will continue the sight words “I see a.” We will be discussing, identifying, writing and using these words in a sentence.  Please work on identifying this word in print and writing it on paper.

Home Activities

Country Books – Your child will listen to a story titled “The Billy Goat in the Garden.” Ask him/her to tell about the naughty billy goat.  Read other books about farm animals, discuss and re-tell.

Country or Cc Poster – Have your child practice cutting by cutting out pictures from magazines of things you would find in the country or on the farm. Make it a sort by having two columns labeled “Country” and “City.”  Then, your child can cut out farm and city pictures and glue them under the correct heading.  He/she could also cut out letter Cc’s and glue them to a piece of paper to make a Cc collage.

Letter Rr Week!

red-clip-art-red-clip-art-2What we are learning

This week is our last week in the theme “Construction Zone” and we will study the letter Rr.   We will discuss the color red and rectangle shape.  Also, we will conduct a skittle rainbow experiment and discuss the colors in the rainbow.  We will read stories about how building things requires planning and working together.  Please continue to review all the other letters and letter sounds taught this year (S,T,P,O,Y.B,U,F,X, W,Z,M,A).  We have already learned half of the alphabet!  It is important for your child to know all the letters and letter sounds when he/she goes to Kindergarten next year.

Reading Skills

This week we will learn the sight words “see” and “a” and review “like” and “I.”  We will be discussing, identifying, writing and using these words in a sentence.  Please work on identifying this word in print and writing it on paper.

Upcoming Events

Please return the Love Letters this week!

Valentine’s exchange- Thurs, Feb. 14th.
Parent Teacher Conference Day- Fri., Feb. 15th- more info to come.
No School Monday, January 18th-President’s Day

Home Activities

Looking for Rr – look for Rr’s on food packaging such as cereal boxes and labels on cans. You can also look for Rr’s on signs around your neighborhood.  Encourage your child to tell you whether the letter is an uppercase R or a lowercase r.

Reading together – We will listen to the story The Three Little Pigs in class.  You can read other versions of this story with your child.  Talk about how the stories are alike and different.

Stories to discuss – The Little Red Hen, Little Red Riding Hood