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What We’re Learning, April 30-May 4, 2018

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Field Day is Friday, May 4, 1-3PM

Reading:  We are reading several stories from our reading series.   Our word skills this week are long u digraphs (-ew and -ue). We are using the 5 Whs (question words): who, what, where, when, why, and how; beginning, middle, and end of the stories we read, and the main idea of nonfiction texts.  We are working on capitalization and punctuation in writing, as well as sharing our writing with others.

Math: We are working on equality and true/false number sentences.

Science:  We are reviewing water and matter; we will assess Friday and then begin our end of the year review.

Social Studies:  We are reviewing goods and services as well as consumer and producer. We will assess Wednesday and then begin our end of the year review.

Notes:  New homework and study guides are on the blog page and in the red folders. Progress reports go home May 8.

Field Day is scheduled for May 4. Students will be playing games outdoors for the afternoon. Sunscreen should be applied at home. Students can bring water bottles as well.

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