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What We’re Learning, January 2-5, 2018

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Welcome Back and Happy 2018!

Reading:  We are working on beginning, middle, end of stories and character/setting.  Our word skills this week are long a (CVCe). Writing is a simple topic but still focusing on complete sentences, punctuation and capitalization and using describing words.

Math:  We are working on money and counting sets of all dimes, all nickels, and all pennies up to 100 cents. We have our math benchmark January 9, which also includes skills from the beginning of the year.

Science:  We will learn sun and earth relationships. The sun is the source of most light and heat for the earth. The sun warms the land, water, and air. The sun’s position in the morning is east; the sun’s position in late afternoon is west.

Social Studies:  We are finishing holidays/traditions/local government and will assess next Wednesday. Then we will finish the 9 weeks learning about climate, physical surroundings, location, and seasons.

Notes:  January 15 is MLK holiday. We will not be in school.


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