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What We’re Learning, March 13-17, 2017

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Reading:  We are reading stories from our reading series, including I’m A Caterpillar. Our word skills focus on -er, -ir, and -ur word patterns.  We are making lists in writing and writing short sentences from the list. We are also working on nonfiction text features, such as captions and diagrams.

Math:  We are working on equality math sentences with mixed practice. Students need to know that 6 + 3 = 10 – 1 and various other addition to subtraction equations. Our math benchmark is scheduled for next Wednesday, March 22.

Science:  We are exploring the plant parts for edible/nonedible plants. All plants can be classified as edible/nonedible, flowering/nonflowering, deciduous or evergreen. Our benchmark is scheduled for March 29.

Social Studies:  We are learning about Benjamin Franklin. He was an inventor who discovered electricity was in lightning with his kite experiment. He founded the first public library. He founded the first volunteer fire department.

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