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What We’re Learning, February 27-Mar 3, 2017

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Reading:  We are reading various stories this week from our reading series.  Our word skills this week are compound words and finishing blends. Writing is focusing on lists.

Math: We are learning about true/false number sentences (equality). Students need to know the equal sign is the sign for equality and that equations have to “balance” to be true.

Science: We are beginning plants. This week we are focusing on the needs of plants (air, water, soil, light, and a place to grow).

Social Studies:  We are learning George Washington Carver this week. He was an African American scientist, teacher, and found over 300 ways to use peanuts. He also studied soybeans and sweet potatoes.

Notes:  Progress Reports go home Friday, March 3.

**PTA meeting Tuesday, March 7; first grade students perform that evening.

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