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What We’re Learning, February 13-17, 2017

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Reading:  We are beginning the next unit in our Reading Street series, A Place to Play. Word skills use the -y vowel (e or I sound); we are also working on blends and descriptive words. Writing is poems, lists, or letters.

Math:  We are working on story problems, focusing on subtraction. Key terms include “take away,” “are left,” “how many more” to compare differences.

Science:  Our focus this week is animal movement and wild or domestic classifications. Students just need to know that there are 3-4 examples of wild animals and 3-4 examples of domestic animals.

Social Studies:  We are working on Abraham Lincoln and will continue with President’s Day next week.

Notes:  Tuesday, February 14, we will do a valentine exchange. No need to write names; please be aware we have peanut and nut allergies. We will end the day with an ice cream sundae treat.

Friday, February 17 is the 100th day of school. We will present our projects in the morning. We will be taking our MAP math test after lunch. The remainder of the day will focus on 100th day celebrations and end with our trail mix.

President’s Day, February 20, is another snow make-up day. Students will be in school that day.

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