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What We’re Learning, January 23-27, 2017

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Reading: We are reading several books, including those from the Reading Street series, The Big Circle. Our skills will focus on CVCe (long o), contractions, and blends. Our writing skills will focus on descriptive words and transition words (first, next, then, last).

Math: We are learning place value. Students have to group items into tens and ones. Students need to match a group of tens and ones to its number, as well as tell the value of a number (for example, what is the value of 2 in 27? Answer:  20, because it’s 2 tens, and 2 tens = 20). We will be working on these skills for the next 2 weeks.

 Science: Our benchmark is scheduled for tomorrow, January 24. We will review sun and earth, investigations, and force and motion. We will take our sun and earth assessment Friday, January 27.

 Social Studies: Our  benchmark is scheduled for Wednesday, January 25. We will review climate and physical surroundings, map skills, and government/traditions/diversity. Our assessment for climate and physical surroundings will be Thursday, January 26.


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