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What We’re Learning, November 7-11, 2016

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Timeline projects are due today. Students will present this afternoon during Science and Social Studies.

Reading:  We will be working on sequence/beginning middle end of stories as well as character and setting. Our word skills will be focusing on short o.  Our writing skills will focus on descriptive words and telling a story with at least two sequencing events.

Math:  We are working on skip counting. Students need to skip count by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 100. Students also need to be able to count backward from 30 by 1s.

Science:  We are studying a new unit with force and motion. Students need to know that objects and things move in various ways: circular, back and forth, straight, and that vibration causes sound. A study guide will be available on these concepts.

Social Studies: We will explore our community with maps and globes. Students need to know the vocabulary of map, globe, the capital of Virginia, the capital of the United States, and they need to be able to locate these areas on a map. A study guide will be available for these concepts.

Notes: No school neither Tuesday, November 8 (election day) nor Friday, November 11 (Veterans Day holiday).

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