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What We’re Learning, February 6-10, 2017

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Reading:  We are reading a nonfiction story on bees and how they are part of a community.  Our word skills this week are long e (CVCe pattern, ee), review long vowels (CVCe pattern), and blends. Writing will focus on lists and contributions.

Math: We are finishing place value and then begin story problems with addition and subtraction.

Science: We are learning about animals: types of animals, body coverings, how they move, and where they live.  This will continue for the next two weeks.

Social Studies:  We are learning about famous Americans:  this week we are finishing George Washington.

Notes: There are no parent-teacher conferences scheduled this month. Report cards go home on Tuesday, February 14. If you wish to schedule a conference, please let me know. Also, Monday, February 20 is a full day of school to make up one of the snow days.

**Look for the 100th Day Project posters going home Tuesday, February 7. They will be due Friday, February 17. This is a fun way for kids to celebrate the 100th day~!


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What We’re Learning, Jan 29-Feb 2, 2018

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Reading:  We are reading stories that deal with making predictions and ask/answer questions.  Our word skills this week are long o (CVCe pattern), blends, and verbs. Writing will focus on describing words and other skills such as complete sentences, punctuation and capitalization, letters and lists.

Math:  We will be continuing to work on sorting. We will finish that out this week with an assessment.

Science: We will have our test on sun and earth Tuesday and our 9 weeks’ benchmark Thursday.

Social Studies:  We will have our test on climate and physical surroundings Monday and our benchmark test Wednesday.

Notes:  Friday, February 2 is a half day, with early dismissal at 1:20. Remember that the Parent/Teacher conference scheduled for February 16 is cancelled; We will also be attending school Monday, February 19 (President’s Day).

Beginning February 5, dismissal for parent pick up will begin at 3:55.

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What We’re Learning, January 2-5, 2018

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Welcome Back and Happy 2018!

Reading:  We are working on beginning, middle, end of stories and character/setting.  Our word skills this week are long a (CVCe). Writing is a simple topic but still focusing on complete sentences, punctuation and capitalization and using describing words.

Math:  We are working on money and counting sets of all dimes, all nickels, and all pennies up to 100 cents. We have our math benchmark January 9, which also includes skills from the beginning of the year.

Science:  We will learn sun and earth relationships. The sun is the source of most light and heat for the earth. The sun warms the land, water, and air. The sun’s position in the morning is east; the sun’s position in late afternoon is west.

Social Studies:  We are finishing holidays/traditions/local government and will assess next Wednesday. Then we will finish the 9 weeks learning about climate, physical surroundings, location, and seasons.

Notes:  January 15 is MLK holiday. We will not be in school.


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What We’re Learning, December 18-20, 2017

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Hi Parents!

This week is a short week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These are full days of school. Winter break begins Thursday, December 21 and lasts until January 1, 2018. We will return to school Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

Monday:  Our theme day is trees.

Tuesday:  Our theme day is gingerbread.

Wednesday:  Our theme day is Polar Express.

**Notes:  students will be allowed to wear pajamas to school Wednesday, December 20. Please make sure they are shirt/pants pajamas. Also make sure you adhere to the school dress code. Students may bring the pajamas to change into at school if you wish. If the weather is fine, we will have outdoor recess.

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What We’re Learning, December 4-8, 2017

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Reading:  We are reading books on sequence and character/setting. We will take a comprehension test on Friday. Our word skills are digraphs and blends. In writing we are working on writing a narrative (stories) using beginning, middle, and end.

 Math: We are working on addition and subtraction facts to ten.

Science:  We are doing experiments and investigations with force and motion until winter break. We will have our assessment later this week.

Social Studies:  We are  finishing our unit on maps and globes. We will assess later this week.

NOTE:  Progress reports go home Wednesday, December 13.

To make the last 8 days before winter break exciting, we will have themed days. Be on the lookout on BLOOMZ for the theme each day. I will post pictures of our adventures!

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