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13 Responses to Research Links

  1. ian says:

    its easy

  2. Mrs. Moyers says:

    If a video doesn’t work at home, it might be that the flash player needs to be updated in your browser. Sometimes a video will also play better if you use Google Chrome or Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, as that’s the browser that usually needs the most updates installed. Hope this helps you out David!

  3. David says:

    how do we watch the video Grizzlies & Wolves Compete at home because i only can watch it at school

  4. logan w. says:

    i hate that most of the animal sites are blocke can that be fixed?? 🙁

  5. Mrs. Moyers says:

    Sure do! Here a few to get you started:
    1)Biology for kids: Plants
    2) Farmer’s Almanac Guide to Plants
    3)Norfolk Botanical Gardens: Horticulture
    In addition to those websites, World Book Online has some great information about plants. You can also use EBSCO, but I would recommend using a more specific term then just “plants.” Stop by and see us in the library if you need some more help finding information!

  6. Hye-Jin Lee says:

    do you know a researchable site for plants?

  7. Desiree says:

    i find the carreer ones very useful because it is helping me alot about my carreer which is a chef

  8. Mrs. Moyers says:

    I’m very sorry you weren’t able to find anything on your animal, Rebekah. If you stop by the library and tell us your animal, we will certainly try to help you find some better suited sites!

  9. Rebekah says:

    None of these websites help! Im doing research on an animal, and the websites are worthless! I wish we could just use google -_-

  10. symbria W. says:

    i absolutley love this destiny website! It’s another way foor me too research my paper and do my report in class..iitt hass maannyy wweebssitteess fforr mee too goo onn

  11. JORDAN says:

    bureau of labor looks boring but I found alot of info that way!! (: Really good choice!

  12. savion says:

    whats up. books are cool.

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