Student Resources

Tumble Books (offered through the Library of Virginia)

 : Read books online, listen to books or read along with this selection of online audible books! There are also games and quizzes to go along with many of the selections!

EBSCO : A database of many different reference tools that holds thousands of articles, pictures, videos and much more on every subject.  It also features a handy  citation tool for all of its articles for students to use

World Book Online :

A great place to conduct your research, look at an Atlas, Explore Virginia, or take a Trivia Quiz to test your knowledge.

eLibrary : This database lets you search by type of resource (audio, newspaper, book, etc.) or search by popular topics.


Online Newspapers

 Suffolk News-Herald

Daily Press

Virginian Pilot

Richmond Times-Dispatch

New York Times

USA Today

Washington Post

Internet Public Library

MLA Citation Help

Not sure how to create your Works Cited or Bibliography page?  Try using these sites to help you out! If you still have questions, just ask your teacher or your school librarian!

MLA Citation Examples

Owl at Purdue MLA Help Center

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